Ship your MVP in weeks, not months

Save thousands and get your Mobile or Web App with all you need to build your SaaS, Tool or any other app and make your first $ online fast

What we do

Get a custom dedicated team

You need to build an MVP or a fully fledged product from scratch. You are looking for a tech partner who will take care of all the aspects of the project: design, development and maintenance.

Hire developers on-demand

You already have a team of experts but you need additional expertise or skills in some specific areas or want to increase your general capacity with more workforce.

Check out the Packages


Solid base for your MVP
$ 2000 Monthly
  • Output: Specification, Wireframes, Architecture
  • Team: Project Manager, Tech Lead, UI/UX designer
  • Length: 2-4 weeks


Kickstart and realize your project
$ 5000 Monthly
  • Phases: planning, development, testing, release
  • Team: Project Manager, 2 developers, UI/UX designer, QA
  • Length depends on the project


Set up your own team
Custom Time & Materials or Fixed
  • Choose required developers based on product needs
  • Build the expert team suited for the project
  • Customize the workflow and workload


Sure, for any of our services you will have a 2-weeks money-back period. Which means, if you are not satisfied with the work done in those 2 weeks, you will not pay a single dollar.

You retain exclusive control and ownership over source code and all product assets from day one.

For such cases, you can choose "Custom" package. We will schedule a meeting, discuss your situation and come up with a scheme that will satisfy your project needs, whether it requires a custom team or just individual developers to enrich your own team.

Under our MVP package, we offer 1 month of free support after release.

Our expertise

Case studies


Tools for Elite Sorare Players. Your entire Sorare portfolio performance
at your fingertips. Supports 45 currencies and data exports
(including tax reports).


HealthMov is a mobile platform that connects employers and their employees in their journey to improve their health and overall performance within a specific company’s environment.


Catverse is a generative AI
application that allows users to digitalize their favourite pets, cats!


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